An exciting new partnership!!

Back in the day…

I can remember as a little girl being excited for when I would get married. I wasn’t so worried about the man I would be marrying, but the wedding itself. I mean come on I was like 5 or 6 years old, boys weren’t on my radar. But a pretty wedding was! I remember that I was able to be a model flower girl in a mock wedding fashion show at the Fashion Show Mall here on the Las Vegas Strip. Talk about dream come true! I got to hold hands with a beautiful woman in an amazing wedding dress.

From then on, I would always think about what my wedding would look like. Granted those ideas changed as I got older and my style changed. But, like most girls, I thought about that big day and what it would be like. Fast forward and I got to have my fairy tale wedding! It was very much the princess wedding and I loved everything about it. From planning it through The Knot up until the last minute before walking down the aisle.

Wondering where I’m going with all of this? Well, I just gave you a hint. The Knot! THE wedding website for years and years. The place where the newly engaged can start planning their wedding with all kinds of resources at their fingertips.

Drum roll please…

I can excitedly say that I am a vendor on The Knot! I will have my storefront going live within the next week or so. As a new business owner back in 2016, I wanted to get into the wedding industry and go all out. I wanted to become a vendor on The Knot, but it wasn’t feasible for me to do so on the budget I was working with. But things have changed and now I am about to join in on the fun and become a vendor for invitations and paper goods.


So keep an eye out of the official announcement that my storefront is officially live and open for appointments. Can I ask a favor? Can you spread the word to all of your friends and family who are newly engaged OR know someone starting their wedding planning journey. Always greatly appreciated!



New Year, New Process—What’s it like to work with me as your graphic designer?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a graphic designer or HOW to work with a graphic designer, you’ll get a little glimpse of that here.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty or all the details, but I am going to unveil a little bit of what you can expect as I detail what my own new process looks like for 2019. This is great insight for all of my past clients, so they know what to expect going forward and also great insight for anyone who wonders what they can expect when hiring a freelance designer.

So, here are the things I want to touch on in my updated process:

  • Contracts

  • Deposit Payments

  • Proofing

  • Testimonials

  • Referral Program


For 2019, I will require signed contracts for ALL projects for both new and continuing clients. For every project, I will need to have a contract signed and if there are multiple deliverables in a project, I will bundle them into one contract. This is to keep me organized and to keep projects going really smoothly. It actually protects my interests and my clients’ interests.

Deposit Payments

Most designers, including myself, require a deposit before they begin work. For design work, I typically work with my clients on the deposit amount and payment schedule based on the scope of the project.

For projects that require printed materials, such as wedding invitations or business cards, where I need to order the materials and have them printed, I will require a 50% deposit upfront.


Once I design your project, I send it to you to proof. You then get back to me with changes and we work back and forth until you have a final design.

Going forward, once a proof has been finalized, you will need to sign off on it. This will be after the back and forth with changes. The pdf of your final proof will have a place to type your name on the pdf. You’ll type it, save the pdf, and send it to my email. I then save this email and final proof as confirmation that you’re happy with your design and we’re all finished and ready for print or to send them to you via email.


After we’ve completed your project, I’ll send you an email requesting feedback and a testimonial about our work together. I would really appreciate feedback as this helps me make my process better and also helps others make a decision about working with me.

If we’ve worked together multiple times, one testimonial is all I’ll kindly request.

Referral Program

I’m so excited to have a referral program and incentivize you for telling others about me.

Whether you refer a business client or an individual client, your  referral will get a 20% off discount from me and, if your referral orders from me, you’ll also get 20% off your next order. To get the discount, all your referral has to do is mention your name and that he or she was referred by you for a referral discount.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, if you’d like to chat about an upcoming project you need a designer for, I’d love to learn more.

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.