Sweet and Spicy Bridal Shower Theme

Aren’t we all just a little sweet and spicy? The concept behind a sweet and spicy bridal shower is that every good marriage is a little sweet and spicy, and the bride-to-be herself is the perfect mix of these two alluring character traits.

When it comes to this type of bridal shower, you can take this theme as far as you want with coordinated décor, drinks, food, and more. Some hostesses even ask guests to wear either red or pink (or the colors of choice) depending on whether they’re feeling sweet or spicy.

Stylishly communicating all of this coordination and fun beforehand happens on the bridal shower invitation. Your invitations will not only direct your guests on what to do, but will give them a visual glimpse into what to anticipate for your one-of-a-kind bridal shower. How sweet and spicy is your bridal shower going to be?! They’ll get a taste (pun intended ;) ) of what to anticipate with your sweet and spicy bridal shower design.

Sweet and Spicy Bridal Shower Invitations

Typically, sweet and spicy bridal shower invitations boast bold shades of red, orange, or black and pink, however, you can choose whichever contrasting colors you would like. When it comes to a sweet and spicy wedding shower, every aspect is highly customizable.

You can refer to these invitations as sugar and spice invitations—keeping in line with your favorite childhood nursery rhyme— or whatever wording choice you prefer. The purpose is to celebrate your lively personality and the contrasting, yet beautiful sides of marriage.

So, let’s start celebrating (or preparing to) shall we? Here are some fabulous sweet and spicy wedding invitation ideas, all of which I’m happy to design for you:

Photos found on Paperhounds Blog

Photos found on Paperhounds Blog


Keep on sizzling and being your loveable self!

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