Handwritten Greeting Cards and Handwritten Thank You Notes

We’re living in a digital age where a text message or email suffices as communication. While this new frontier has broken down geographic barriers and allowed friends and family members to keep in touch in an unprecedented way, I can’t help but feel we’re losing the art of the handwritten card. Many even suggest mailing out cards doesn’t make sense anymore, what with the cost of postage and all, but there’s something unreplicatable and extra thoughtful about handwritten cards.

Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE all of the possibilities and abilities of technology—but a handwritten note oozes the sentiment you’re trying to portray, because you can visually see the effort that was put into it.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I can easily recount how handwritten thank you notes or handwritten cards filled with encouragement or comfort have made me (and make me) feel. They probably make you feel the same way, too!

Set Yourself Apart

Whether you customize personal stationery, so you can send out random notes of love to your friends and family; or send out handwritten thank you notes after your bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower, I’m a firm believer that you set yourself apart by doing so.

In a world inundated with digital evites, ecards, and emails, your handwritten message stands out.  It just does. And, c’mon, everyone still loves getting fun mail, but we’re now relying on Amazon prime to bring the excitement to our mailboxes, because everything else we get is a promotional flyer, credit card offer, or bill.

As much as I love social media and the digital world, I don’t want us to lose the art of handwritten greeting cards and handwritten thank you cards, which is why I get as excited as ever to design them.

If you have an upcoming bridal shower, wedding, baby shower—or just want a set of customized stationery to keep on hand to send out to loved ones—I’d be happy to design something unique that you have in mind.