Ever since I was a little girl, I remember being a creative mind. I never knew it would evolve into a passion of mine. When I graduated from college with a business degree, I didn't know what I wanted to do exactly. So I followed my heart and went to work for a couple of family friend's of mine who were opening a new returant in town, you may know them as Dalton and Bryce of DW Bistro. I worked the event side of their restuarant and creating memorable events for the loyal clients of DW.

My love for design shined through and caught the eye of another family friend who suggested that I should do what I love and become a graphic designer. So I did just that...I went to school for graphic design and graduated with a bachelors degree. Right out the gate of being a newly graudate, I gained clients who wanted my design services. I was thrilled and became a freelance graphic designer while I looked for a job in the graphic design industry. Come to find out that there weren't alot of job openings.

I thought hard about what I would do to generate income for my family and I and decided to turn my freelancing into an actual small business. I started right away and thought up some business names that were professional yet true to me as a person. I went through a lot of different names and asking family and friends what they thought. Finally, I found the name of my business: Double Eight Design Studio.

Now, many people will wonder what Double Eight stands for or what it means. Well, here's the story behind the name. The number 8 has a lot of significance to my relationship with my husband and my son. My husband and I started dating on the 8th of January. We also have a saying that includes the word 'infinity' which is the number 8 on its side. My son was born on August 8th which makes him my 8/8 baby. Double Eight has a simple meaning to me and it still reads professional by adding the design studio behind it so that people will know what my business does.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about how I came to start this graphic design business and I look forward to working with you!

+Chelsey Ruckdaschel