If you’re newly engaged, you probably feel like you have to make a TON of decisions.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, there are unlimited options and even more decisions to make. It’s easy to focus on the paper, the pattern, or the font style, but there’s also a lot of wedding invitation ink colors to choose from.

The color of font you choose—and the type of printing—adds a slightly different feel to your invitation.

While black ink or dark gray ink colors are formal and traditional, metallic gold ink and metallic silver ink have become really trendy over the last few years.

They add a glamorous or distinguished look to your invites that really make them pop. Think classy with an edge.  It’s a great way to create a distinguished look without being super dramatic.

Metallic ink is slightly different than gold and silver foil wedding invitations, however.

When metallic ink is printed onto paper and then dries, the metallic particles in the ink rise to the surface to create a shimmery effect. While similar to foil stamping, it creates a less intense effect, because the ink is liquid or a paste rather than a foil that’s stamped.

Typically, slightly—yet not overly—more expensive than regular ink, it’s a great way to dress up a basic, more affordable invitation to give it a fancier feel. It’s also excellent for finishing off more elaborate designs.

One thing to note is that any type of printing process that departs from conventional ink can take more time to print and more time to be delivered to you -- so keep that in mind when thinking of these ink colors for your wedding invitations.

Check out some of these images below for some examples:


If you want to chat about wedding invitation printing methods or talk to me about ink color options, reach out by emailing orders@double8designs.com. I’d love to give you some tips or help you create the perfect wedding invitation.