Sure, we live in the 21st century where technology abounds, so it’s easy to simply plug a number into your phone’s contact list right?

Well, what happens if you drop your kid off at a play date or allow him or her to go home with a friend after school, but you forget your phone or miss a call because you’re in an appointment?

Maybe it’s not a problem...BUT, what if you haven’t left an alternative contact number and it’s an emergency and takes you awhile to return the call?

Typically what happens during play dates or birthday parties is one parent exchanges his or her number with the other parent. Many times people are in a rush or just don’t think about handing out other forms of contact in the event they’re unreachable on that number.

This is where mommy calling cards, also known as parent calling cards or kid calling cards come in. They’re like business cards, except waaaaayyyy more adorable and you can hand them out at playdates or after school to parents.

Convenient and Extremely Efficient, Mommy Calling Cards are the New Thing

These cute little cards can be customized with any color scheme and design, but MOST IMPORTANTLY you can include all of the necessary contact details for your child.

These cards are becoming more and more popular. They’re super convenient to hand out. If you get one yourself, you can keep them on hand or easily add all of the information on them into your phone.

Either way, they ensure that parents have more than one way to get in touch with you (or vice versa) should they need to or an emergency arise.

Add your name, phone number, your child’s name, another parent or grandparent’s name, etc. 

You can also list any known allergies or medical conditions you want parents to be aware of.

These nifty little cards are super helpful and just adorable to hand out.

Take a peek at some designs I’ve created below:

If you’d like me to design a custom parent/kid calling card or mommy calling card for your child or children, reach out to me via the contact page. I can easily and efficiently have them designed, printed, and shipped to you at an affordable rate, and I’d be delighted to help you keep your child safe.