Last month at the Bridal Spectacular Show, I did a proposal story giveaway. I asked the couples to submit their stories for me to read and then I would pick a winner based on their proposal story. I received a lot of entries and I loved reading every story. They were all filled with love and creativity -- all I could do was smile from ear-to-ear!

I narrowed it down to two and read them to a few close friends of mine -- they had to help me choose because I just couldn’t do it on my own. In the end, I chose Kredlen and Jordan’s story. I’ll let the story speak for itself below:

Jordan is a Mason. He constantly spoke about how he needed to create this "mission" to continue to raise in his position in the fraternity. His mission was essentially a scavenger hunt with clues and his "elders" would pick someone that he knew to do the hunt. He had stated that his elders looked into everyone that joined the Masons and knows the lives of these individuals. If the hunt was successful, he would be promoted into a position. He called his scavenger hunt, "The Rose Halo."

I received an e-mail from an unknown e-mail address named Rose Halo asking if I would agree to joining the scavenger hunt or "mission." I missed the e-mail for a week because it was in my spam e-mail and Jordan was saying around the house how nervous he was getting because if someone were to refuse to accept the hunt, he would fail and not be promoted. He asked me to check my e-mail, which I did, and there it was. I accepted.

The first clue was left at the doorstep. Written on papyrus paper and in a papyrus envelope, inside were instructions and an explanation of what I needed to do. There were going to be more clues and ciphers that needed to be solved. It stated I could ask one person to help me with the hunt. Prior to being chosen, Jordan and I discussed that if the elders picked me, I should ask his father for help, so I did.

A couple weeks later, I received another envelope with a wax seal with a stamp of the hand at the door. Inside was a blank letter in which I needed to decipher the codes for letters of the alphabet.  I waited and waited for another couple weeks.

I mentioned to Jordan how I have questioned if these "elders" are aware of what they are doing. Next thing I know, there's another small envelope with a wax seal with how to decipher the letter. After a month, I couldn't decipher the letter and I explained in an annoyed manner to Jordan how it didn't make sense to me.  He ended up helping me and he realized "they" made a mistake. He made me promise not to tell the "elders" that he had helped me. His father didn't help me so I didn’t have any help.

The letter stated Jordan, his godfather, father and mother needed to be at a set of coordinates on July 4th and to expect other clues on three different dates afterwards. I asked his dad for help with the coordinates because all I got was the middle of the desert in Las Vegas. Come to find out, the coordinates were at Southpoint Casino in Las Vegas.

It being July 4th weekend, his godfather was flying out for the weekend as a getaway so I didn't have to worry about it. For the holiday, we had a family dinner. Jordan said that he had to leave early for a meeting. After dinner, his godfather invited us to his suite to look at his room. The suite was huge and so pretty. Jordan's sister asked to look inside the closet. I opened the closet and Jordan was sitting on a chair.

I screamed and ran towards the bed. Jordan came up to me and handed me another note that was a clue. He said, "Here's your last clue.

I said, "I freaking hate these things!" (Of course, with a smile on my face)

I opened the small, folded papyrus paper, and it read, "I love you. Will you be my wife?"

When I looked past the piece of paper, Jordan was on his knee with the ring box open showing my shiny engagement ring. I started crying, I said, "I freaking hate you," again with a smile on my face, then I said, "yes," and nodded and hugged and kissed him.

At the same time I said yes, the first firework for 4th of July was seen through the window. After the congratulations were said, I also learned the suite was not his godfather's, but ours for the night.

Talk about a romantic and fun proposal that will forever be remembered and cherished between these two and their families!

What did you think of this creative proposal? Leave your comments below!

Thank you to Kredlen and Jordan for allowing me to share this story with my community. I loved reading your story!