Each month, I will spotlight a color and different shades you can use in the same color palette with that color.

This month, I want to highlight some purple color schemes and how you can use them in your wedding invitations, decor, design, branding, and more.

Really, if you love the color purple and are trying to find out what color goes best with purple, you can see how you can use its various shades to create beautiful designs.

Eggplant, amethyst, and lilac are a few of the many hues. Take a look at some of the inspiration below within this color palette:

Purple is a complex shade that mixes red and blue to create varying hues ( I know you remember that from elementary school LOL).

The more red you add to purple, the hotter and more vibrant the color is. The more blue you add, you’ll get a softer and more contemplative hue.

Those in the color intelligence community refer to purple as being the color for those who are highly creative and non-conforming. Hmmm, interesting there, hey!?

Depending on the hue, purple can invoke a range of emotions from harmony to innovation to contemplation to spirituality.

If you love purple and would like to use it on any particular design or in your branding, reach out to me via the contact page. I’d love to help you create a custom color palette and then work with you on your design project.