by guest blogger and copywriter Holly Mthethwa of Rugged and Redeemed

In January 2017, my copywriting mentor - a world leading email copywriter - challenged me to email my subscriber list every day.

I know! Every. Single. Day. My initial thought was: “NO WAY!”

I was terrified to do that, and here are some of the thoughts that ran through my head (they probably run through your head, too).

“No one wants to hear from me every day.”

“I’ll lose all of my subscribers if I email every day.”

“People's inboxes are more crowded than ever.”

I was completely afraid of turning off my list, but I decided to take a chance and trust his advice.

I sent out an email “warning” them I’d be emailing week-daily, Monday-Friday, and they were welcome to unsubscribe right then. Then, I started emailing.

Do you know what’s happened?

I’ve become closer to my list, my open rates have soared, I’ve started getting responses to almost every email, thank yous, and people telling me they look forward to my emails every day.

My readers have told me they skip other emails in their inbox to read my emails and, if I miss a day, they let me know they didn’t get my email LOL.

Did I lose some subscribers? Sure - about a handful, which was not near as much as I expected. I was able to graciously let them go, because I knew that those probably weren’t the people I’d be able to inspire or encourage anyway if they didn’t connect.

BUT, I continue to add new people to my list as others share my emails and I promote it.

I’ve become such a strong advocate of communicating with your email list more than just one time a month during an email blast and even more than just one time per week, because I’ve seen the benefits.

Because of this, I wanted to provide you with 5 quick tips you can use to write emails that get opened, read, and bought from in addition to nurturing your audience and connecting you to them.

5 Quick Tips You Can Apply Today to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

1.            Start Emailing More

I can’t say this enough. If  you want your emails to be more effective, you should start emailing more. People want to read emails from companies and individuals who have something to say and who do so in an entertaining way. There is a reason that daily soap operas are so popular. They’re addictive, entertaining, and consistent.

Just by starting to email more, people will get used to seeing your name in their inbox and start to recognize you.

2.             Tell Stories, Share Light Tips, Inspire, and Write Like You Talk

Start your email off by telling a story, connecting with your readers’ pain points, introducing a light tip, or sharing some inspiration. Use your emails as a more personal way to connect with your readers - apart from social media. If you’re entertaining or provide helpful information in an authentic way, people will love to read what you have to share and be more willing to hire you or buy from you.

When you’re writing your emails, simply pretend you’re sitting across the table from a friend, with a cup of coffee in hand, and sharing the exact information you’re writing. You’ll be more personable and better connect to your audience if you let your personality out and write exactly the way you’d share something with a friend.

3.             Format them So They’re Easy to Read

Format your emails, so they’re easy on the eyes and easy to scan. Take a look at this post. I’ve used quite a few one line paragraphs as well as chunkier paragraphs. I’ve used short sentences and I’ve used long sentences.

Make your formatting really easy to read, so when your readers open your email they’re not confronted by thick blocks of text.

4.             Include a Call to Action in Every Email

You should include a call to action in every email. I personally like to sell something or plug a product in nearly every email, but you can also include a call to action to get your readers to watch a training or download a free pdf you’re sharing. Just get your readers in the habit of taking action in every email or at least give them the opportunity to take some sort of action in every email.

5.             Get to the Point, But Don’t Be Hindered by Length

Your emails will likely vary in length. Some may be 300 words; some may be 800 words. Long sales emails can definitely be 1,500 words or longer. That’s not really what’s important.

What’s important is clearly communicating your message and making sure your point is clear. In my daily emails that I send out, I typically like to keep the length around 500 words. I also try to be consistent, so that my readers know exactly what to expect.

Obviously, this might vary for a launch or a nurture sequence for on-boarding new clients, but the point is to….get to the point ( ha!) and cover the ground you need to cover to connect and compel clients.

And that’s a wrap.

If you’re interested in email marketing, but you don’t know what you’d write or how to start harnessing the power of email to nurture your clients on a regular basis, I’d love to help. You can check out my email marketing services and get in touch with me by clicking here.