You might think that snail mail is a thing of the past, but it’s making a comeback as evidenced in the surge of subscription boxes people are subscribed to. When we receive a box—even if it’s our Amazon order—or a card in the mail, it sparks a thrill. Think back to the last time you found something on your doorstep or in your mailbox from someone you care about or know, how did it make you feel? Full of anticipation? Gratitude? Love?

Greeting cards are for ALL occasions. And you can send a card for any reason under the sun, but to give you some ideas, I’ve created a list of some really intentional ways to use greeting cards and even some unconventional reasons to send a card. Let’s dive in!

The Best Reasons to Send a Greeting Card List

  1. To offer a random compliment or word of encouragement (you never know when someone is going to read a negative comment on social media, run late for work, deal with a toddler who meltdowns 10 times in a store, or have a bad day. Your random compliment or word of encouragement might come at just the right time).

  2. To send your love or support before someone has surgery or their first round of treatment for cancer (more than a text, your well-wishes or prayers on a card can show your level of effort and support of someone having health or physical challenges)

  3. To congratulate someone on a NEW: puppy, kitten, car, house, or job (celebrate the big and small, simple and complex circumstances of life)

  4. To apologize ( humbly say you’re sorry and show you mean it with a meaningful note on a greeting card)

  5. To thank a client, child, parent, teacher, mentor, coworker, or boss ( You don’t need a reason to say thank you to someone. Chances are you can find AT LEAST one thing you’re grateful for about a person in your life. Say thank you more often for the little things)

  6. To wish a happy birthday, happy half-birthday, anniversary, or retirement (Half-birthdays are a real thing and who remembers the odd-number anniversaries like a 3rd or 17th anniversary? Some people are thrown retirements parties and others disappear without much of a mention or thank you. Be the one who celebrates the odd events and years in people’s lives)

  7. To celebrate a mom when all her “baby’s” are in school (Stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms with little kids have a might task. When a mom finally has all of her babies in school or her child enters full-day kindergarten or pre-school and is entering a new season, send her some love, humor, and celebration).

  8. To comfort an “empty-nester” (When parents have children head off to college, send them a “job well done” and fill them up with love and inspiration when they might be feeling empty and a little lost).

  9. To celebrate the single mom (Sing her praises and cheer her on for all the seen and unseen things she does every single day)

  10. To celebrate a new baby ( Go beyond the standard “congratulations” and write a note to the baby welcoming him or her into the world. Speak of what you wish for this little person in the future and declare how special he or she is and what great things he or she can do. Encourage the parents to save this card and let the child read it on a certain birthday).

  11. To invite your friends to join you for a friend’s trip or vacation ( who can say “no” or their schedule is too busy when you send out a greeting card invitation rather than an email or text?

  12. To congratulate someone on thriving or blossoming in life ( Did a friend recently start a successful business, undergo a complete diet change to heal an ailment, strengthen her body by strength-training or running a marathon, get a book published, speak at her first event, or remodel her house? Congratulate your friends or family members for rising from the ashes, tackling a new goal, accomplishing a dream, or for just getting their act together).

  13. To celebrate ANY holiday ( Christmas, spring, fall, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and more are ALL holidays that deserve greeting cards. You can say “Happy Easter” via text, but which shows more effort and cheer—a text or a sweet greeting card?

Bring back the art of getting things in the mail and ignite the joy of receiving in someone you love and care about.

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing to Have Your Very Own Line of Greeting Cards To Send Out that Reflect Your Authenticity and the Way You Like to Love?

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