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BBQ Party Ideas for Summer

Throwing a Barbecue Party

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the anticipation of firing up the grill and hosting summer time barbecues with friends and family.

Typically, during the summer, there are soooo many things to celebrate. Likely, you have friends who have gotten engaged over the holidays, someone is pregnant after spending months cuddled up indoors, and there are plenty of summer birthday parties to throw.

Summer is the perfect time to throw BBQ themed events. So, what type of BBQ themed events can you throw? Here are some ideas:

BBQ Party Ideas

1.     BBQ Baby Shower

Throwing a BBQ baby shower in the summer is a fun and laid back way to celebrate the arrival of your upcoming baby.

A BBQ party is also a fabulous theme for a coed baby shower. An outdoor celebration with grilled food, salads, and cool beverages allows both men and women to feel comfortable at a baby shower. Also called a coed baby-Q, it’s the perfect way to honor both the mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be. You can send out fun and creative BBQ baby shower invitations, decorate with adorable baby-q details, and serve a delicious summertime menu that everyone loves.

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2.    BBQ Birthday Party

Celebrate a loved one’s birthday beyond just a birthday dinner or having people over for cake and ice cream with a BBQ birthday party. You can get really creative with the decorations and food served.  Instead of just laying out bags of chips, place them in tin buckets or glass jars with chalk labels.

You can even make your party a more upscale event by serving foods such as bacon wrapped hot dogs, Hawaiian chicken kabobs, mini corn on the cob sticks, grilled new potatoes, champagne floats, and so much more.

Spoil your loved one over the summer with an outdoor celebration that feels like an old fashioned get together without pretense and pressure.

Below is a baby shower invitation idea that you can purchase at Double Eight Design Studio!

3.    BBQ Engagement Party

A great way to celebrate an engagement is to throw a BBQ engagement party. Again, it’s an all-inclusive way to honor both the bride-to-be and husband-to-be in an event where everyone can be invited.

Often named an “I DO!” BBQ, you can have fun Mr. and Mrs. games including a “ring” toss, horseshoes, ladder golf, tag football, and more. You can also incorporate a s’mores bar along with your grilled meats, salads, and fruits and veggie dishes.

4.    BBQ Retirement Party

A retirement party is a celebration of years gone by, hard work, and a future of relaxation, fun, and unknown opportunities ahead. Celebrate a retirement party in style over the summer by throwing a big BBQ bash.

For a retirement party, you can even throw your BBQ potluck style and have everyone bring a special dish and a special wish of health and happiness for the years ahead.


Summer BBQs are tons of fun for men, women, and kids and offer a laid back opportunity to celebrate all sorts of events.

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