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What You Should Know About the Difference Between Branding and Brand Identity

If you’re in the online business space, you’ve probably heard the terms branding and brand identity thrown around in Facebook groups, in blog posts, and, well….EVERYWHERE.

For the most part, the definitions might seem pretty straight forward. In fact, when you hear the word branding or brand identity you probably think of logos, images, fonts, and color choices.

You also probably think the terms are interchangeable.

BUT, there is a difference between branding and a brand identity.

Let’s clarify things, shall we?

What is the definition of brand identity?

A brand identity creates the look and feel of a business. It’s a visual representation of the business and its visual messaging  as a whole.

A brand identity includes the logo, patterns, textures, typography, and the color palette of a brand, but there is a lot of strategy behind how those things are determined and how the design comes together.

We designers call this work “conceptualizing the brand.” In designing the logo alone, a lot of thought and strategy is behind it.

For example, will the logo have a lot of symbolic elements and an icon or will the focus be on the typography? Will it be a minimalistic logo or elaborate logo and why? What message does each send?

Companies like Kate Spade and Coca Cola have typography logos, but they’re easily identifiable because they send a consistent message through their visual photographs, advertisements, and other materials.

What is the definition of branding?

In a sense, branding is the relationship a business has with its customers and audience.

As author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

Your branding is about more than just the visual image you portray online, in social media, and via advertisements. Your branding also has to do with how you treat your customers, your goals, vision, and mission. Brand identity is just one element within branding.

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