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What Your Business Could Be Missing Out On If You’re Not Using Business Infographics in Your Content

By now, most businesses know they need to use visual elements in their content if it’s going to get the type of reach and engagement they’re after. The visual elements often come in the form of stock images, behind-the scenes or “real time” iPhone photos, video tutorials, and more.

You’ve probably also run across infographics in an article or blog post you’ve read online. Infographics do more than just add a visual element to your content, however. They actually present your data, information, or content in a visual manner.

Take a look at the infographic example below:

Why Use Infographics In Your Business?

If you’re writing an article or social media post that says the same thing you’re saying in an infographic, you might be wondering, what’s the point? Isn’t it redundant.

No—it isn’t redundant and it’s highly beneficial. Presenting your information on an infographic is a great way to grab your customer’s attention. They highlight the points of your content in an easy-to-share, easy-to-save format, which sparks engagement. They’re also great for SEO because Google rewards this natural type of engagement that results from direct social shares and links.

It’s also a great way to present your message clearly, which aids in brand awareness and recognition. Most people absorb and retain more information when it’s presented visually and this is a great way to do that. In an era of skimmers and scrollers, it’s also great for drawing readers in and getting them to read more of what you’re saying.

So, a well-designed and well-presented infographic is a great way to improve your SEO authentically, grab your audience’s attention, and build engagement and brand awareness. Let’s talk a little bit about how to create the best business infographics.

Infographic Design Tips

Some businesses hire an infographic designer and some businesses use infographic design templates. Regardless of the approach your company is taking, there are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re sharing the best possible infographic to get the results you’re after.

You want your infographic to be:

  • Creative—The infographic and design needs to be creative in that it stands out on a crowded newsfeed, Pinterest page, or individual blog post. You want it to pop out and draw your reader in because it’s different than everything around it.

  • Uncluttered—An infographic is visual by nature so you don’t want to overwhelm it with loads of text. But, you also don’t want to overwhelm it with tons of artwork or images. Think minimal and uncluttered, so that it’s not too busy.

  • Quality Artwork and Design—The design needs to be quality or no one will want to share it. At the same time, the artwork or clipart chosen needs to be on brand and pair well with your message. If an infographic is sloppily thrown together, it’s not going to get the engagement. And, if it’s not on brand, it’s not going to improve your brand awareness.

  • Shareable—Make sure your infographic is connected with social sharing icons or that you’ve installed the right sharing widget. If you go to all the work to create an infographic people want to share and then they can’t share it, you’ve wasted all that time and effort.

Infographics are a trending way to get your customers’ attention, increase traffic, and improve brand awareness. If you want to have some designed for your business around content you’ve done or will be sharing, I’d love to help.

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