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5 Powerful Reasons You Should Write a Handwritten Note

When was the last time you picked up a pen and a piece of paper to write something longer than a to-do list?

Maybe you’ve sent out a holiday card or a thank you card lately, but can you remember the last time you sent a handwritten note or letter?

Obviously, letters were once the main form of communication and it can be argued that we have faster, more efficient ways to communicate these days, but we can still take some lessons from the past.

Here are 5 powerful reasons you should put down your phone, stop texting or tweeting, and write a handwritten note:

1.  They Can Cultivate a Little Romance

Handwritten notes can cultivate romance in a way other forms of communication just can’t. Sitting down with a pen and paper allows you to get still for a moment and pretend you’re in the days of old where if you wanted to pour your heart out, you often did so via a letter.

How would your partner feel if he or she received a handwritten note from you today? It’s not an ordinary thing these days and writing a note out by hand - especially a love letter - is one way to cultivate a little romance.

2.  They Show How Much You Care

Handwritten notes take longer to write than texts, tweets, or Facebook messages, so when you take the time to write something out, it shows how much you care.

Whether it’s a quick thank you on a nice piece of stationery or a letter to someone in the military, handwriting a letter really shows the time and effort you’re willing to put into a relationship.

3.  They Help You Fully Communicate

If you struggle telling someone how you feel, because you’re shy or just get nervous, writing a note is a great way to get things off your chest.

Also, if you’ve had a falling out with someone or an argument and you didn’t get a chance to clear the air or fully communicate how you feel, writing things out is a great way to do that and reconcile.

4.  They Can Give Way to Your Dreams and Creativity

Writing can spark creativity and inspire dreams. Whether you’re writing out quotes, journaling your day, or penning an idea down for your business, sitting and handwriting something really does let your creative juices flow. Plus, it helps you remember your dreams or memories, because you’re more involved in the process.

5.  They Require Your Full Attention

Sitting down to write a handwritten letter is a great way to practice focus and being attentive and mindful. When you sit down to write by hand, it requires your full focus. It gets you away from a screen and requires the majority of your senses, which makes it difficult to multi-task. Writing by hand can be incredibly cathartic and really good for getting you to step away and be more thoughtful when you communicate to others.

I say….long live handwritten letters and notes! It’s such a lost art form that shouldn’t be abandoned or forgotten.

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