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Calligraphy: By Hand vs. Digital

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations Cost

Before we get started with a breakdown of the costs of hand calligraphy vs digital calligraphy, let’s take a look at the different methods.

Hand Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

Hand calligraphy is pretty straightforward. It is a style of lettering that is written by hand. When you choose a hand calligrapher to address your wedding invitations, no two invitations will look exactly alike.  When selecting someone to do your hand calligraphy, it’s important to remember that there are many different styles. Some styles of calligraphy are more modern, some more vintage and flourished, and others are intricate and ornate. Make sure you discuss the style you want and that it ties into your overall wedding theme.

One of the benefits of hand calligraphy is that it isn’t restricted by a digital printer or fonts, so you can get creative. It’s more time intensive than digital calligraphy, however, so you will have to book your calligrapher early and make sure you book enough time so you can get your wedding invitations out well in advance.

Digital Calligraphy

Digital calligraphy is a type of addressing where your wedding guest’s name and address is printed on your wedding envelope using a laser or inkjet printer. Digital calligraphy will give your addressing a more uniform feel and will allow you to match fonts and colors to your wedding invitation suite. Digital calligraphy is less time intensive than hand calligraphy, and allows you to choose from hand calligraphy looking fonts, so you can still achieve a more hand-written look should you prefer that.

One of the cons of digital calligraphy is that the margins of the printer will impact how close to the edge of the envelope your lettering gets, so the font size will typically be determined by the longest name on your guest list.

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations Cost

So, what is the cost of digital calligraphy vs hand calligraphy? The prices of calligraphy will vary depending on your designer or calligrapher, the style you choose, the color, whether you have inner and outer envelopes, and whether you have a return address envelope included.

Typically, for hand calligraphy, you’ll pay anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 per envelope. This will depend on the style, ink, and whether you have an inner and outer envelope set. Some calligraphers also set a minimum charge or may charge a fixed price per a set amount of envelopes, so you’ll need to shop around.

Digital calligraphy can cost anywhere from $0.75 to $3.00 per envelope also depending on the font, ink, inner and outer envelopers, and return address envelope. Digital calligraphy is more cost effective than hand calligraphy, because greater efficiency is achieved through the use of a printer.

When choosing the calligraphy for your wedding invitation, place cards, or other wedding stationery, it comes down to your style preference, budget, and timeframe. Both options can be exceptionally beautiful.