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Color Palette Spotlight: Why You Should Take Design Inspiration from the Irish

Is there anything more inspiring and peaceful than the lush and rolling hills of Ireland? What’s more energetic and vibrant than the four leaf clover and green attire associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

When it comes to design, we can definitely take inspiration from the Irish.

You can bring varying shades of green into your wedding invitations, business branding, or marketing materials to invoke a number of feelings and emotions about your big day or your company.

In fact, using a green color palette is becoming increasingly popular, especially since Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is greenery. Not only that, but green pairs really well with gray which is also an incredibly popular color shade as of late.

From olive to sea green to lime to moss to mint to fern to basil and so many other shades of green, you really can’t go wrong with this color.  

The Psychology of the Color Green

Green is described as a restful shade that causes one to inhale, breathe deeply, and relax. It’s also symbolic of nature, health, and harmony. In fact, in nature, an abundance of green demonstrates an availability of water--a human necessity--which might be why we respond to the color with a sense of relief and reassurance

Green can be used on wedding invitations and wedding stationery throughout the seasons, despite the fact that, at first, some only associate it with winter weddings. Soft greenery, neutral pairings, and florals are perfect for spring or fall weddings and vibrant and dark greens look remarkable for summer weddings.

What Color Goes Well With Green?

If you’re wondering what color goes well with green, the good news is there are TONS of colors that pair well with green.

I’ve already mentioned gray, but depending on the shade, green also pairs well with burgundy, rose, charcoal, other shades of green, cream, taupe, dark blue, or purple.

There are so many green color combinations to choose from. Check out some of the pairings below for some inspiration.

Individual designs by Envelopements. Wedding suite designed by Double Eight Design Studio

Individual designs by Envelopements. Wedding suite designed by Double Eight Design Studio

If you love green and would like to use it on your wedding stationery or in your branding, reach out to me via the contact page. I’d love to help you create a custom color palette and then work with you on your design project.