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7 Quick and Clean Tips for How to Integrate Your Branding into All Aspects of Your Business

Most new business owners know they should have a logo. What they often don’t realize, however, is that a logo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to complete business branding.

Even seasoned business owners who “know all about” branding have a difficult time integrating their branding into all aspects of their business and marketing or wonder how to create cohesive branding. Making sure your branding is cohesive can be challenging, because it’s often difficult to prioritize ( or know) where you should be branded in the first place.

Here are 7 quick and clean tips for “places” you should brand to help you create  cohesive branding


1. Social Media Platforms

Take a look at your social media platforms. How does your cover image on your Facebook Page look? What about your Instagram photo or feed on your Instagram profile? Is it consistent with your overall brand look and feel?

Besides just the cover photos on all of your social media platforms, take a look at the images that you share and the words you use to describe your business in your profiles. Do they fit your brand? Even if you don’t stick with your brand colors and switch things up, do you stick with your brand mission and vision?

Make sure that when people see your social platforms, they “recognize” you from what they’ve seen on your website or print materials and vice versa.

2. Email Correspondence

If there is one thing we do a lot of in business, it’s sending emails. Your business emails are one place that’s often overlooked when it comes to integrating your branding. Rather than having a simple, text signature, create a branded email signature image.

Use your email signature as an opportunity to further solidify your brand in the eyes of everyone you exchange emails with.

3. Letterhead

Your company letterhead is another place to include your branding. Whether it’s a contract, invoice, letter, or any other document you use in your business, make sure that aspects of your branding can be found there ( and that it’s updated and cohesive with the rest of your business look).

4. Promotional Materials

Promotional materials MUST be cohesive with the rest of your brand, so that you’re promoting your business image and brand accurately.

These could be flyers, business cards, welcome packets, price sheets, client mailers, pens, notepads, coffee mugs, or any other promotional item you give out. They all should be branded with the right colors, font, logo, message, or mission.

You want your clients and potential clients to keep your business in mind and they can’t do that if you “look” one way on some things you put out and another on others.

5. Email Blasts

Your sales or promotional emails are another place to make sure your branding is consistent. Whether you send out regular discounts or newsletter updates, your email blasts should be branded within the header, layout, signature, or all of the above.

6. Advertisements

You will likely use different images, colors, and messages on your advertisements, but the overarching theme and direction for all of them should still fit into the overall vision and mission you have for your brand.

If you don’t have a playful, cheeky, or colorful brand image, it’s probably not a good idea to run super cheeky and color advertisements.

While it’s great to step outside of the box with your advertisements, step outside of the box within the general framework of your business. Remember - your goal is to have consistent branding across all platforms and channels, so the right people start to recognize and relate to your business.

7. Client Gifts

Client gifts are a great place to add elements of your branding. Sure, you might not want to give your client a gift that has your brand all over it, but you can brand thank you cards or gift boxes with your logo, fonts, and branding colors.

These are just 7 ways you can integrate your branding into your business. If you need help doing so, I’d love to design business thank you cards, headers, social media cover photos, business cards, and more to help you keep your brand consistent and cohesive.

To talk to me about your business branding needs, reach out to me via my contact page.