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Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation Inspiration and Ideas

Kitchen bridal shower invitations are so much fun to design. I made this kitchen bridal shower invitation for the sweetest bride-to-be. The pastel pink gave the invitations a soft and feminine feel, and the different kitchen utensils added variety. I kept this invitation simple and classy, but the sky’s the limit with the design.

Design by Double Eight Design Studio

A kitchen bridal shower is a unique bridal shower theme that’s tons of fun and can help stock the bride and groom’s kitchen. Apart from loving to get to design this bridal shower invitation, I love the idea of a kitchen bridal shower, because you can get really creative. There are so many kitchen bridal shower ideas, tons of kitchen bridal shower games, and fabulous kitchen bridal shower favors that can be incorporated into the party to keep it on theme, including:

  • A cooking demonstration by a chef
  • A name that spice game (look and smell, but don’t taste)
  • A “mixed up words” or “blended words” game (with a fun mixer or blender on top of the stationery)
  • A name that utensil game (pick some uncommon ones for more fun)
  • Chic tea towels, a cute whisk, or a trendy kitchen timer as a party favor
  • Recipes to the bride-to-be from each guest
  • Have guests write a “recipe for a good marriage” to the bride and groom

With a kitchen bridal shower, you can keep it as simple as you’d like or go all out. Either way, the point is to shower the bride and groom with love for their kitchen, whether recipes or cooking utensils.

If you’re planning a bridal shower for a bride-to-be, Double Eight Design Studio creates kitchen bridal shower invitations. Contact me today to discuss your design ideas and order online.

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