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I have to say that I am super excited about the vendors that DOUBLE EIGHT DESIGN STUIDO is going to be using for current and future orders. We have become a part of Envelopments, Navitor and Digital Lizard so far. (We are always looking out for new and cool vendors to use so there will be more in the future!) So let me introduce these vendors a little bit to everyone...

ENVELOPMENTS - Santa Ana, California - Paper Stocks Galore and Printing/Assembly Services

I absolutely LOVE Envelopments! I have used them personally for my many occasions. The paper is amazing with the various patterns, colors and textures that you can choose from. They not only have paper stock, but they have pockets, folded cards, gate-folds, etc. They are a one-stop-shop when you want to really impress your guests or give a little punch or sass to your event.

Every year they come out with different color/pattern paper stocks and those will be available starting in January of 2015 -- talk about starting the year off bright! Envelopments is also launching white printing which will be printed on dark (and even light) paper and envelopes! (This has been a craving for designers forever!) Very exciting stuff going on at Envelopments and we will keep everyone updated on when things are available to look at and purchase!

NAVITOR - North Mankato, Minnesota - Business Stationery and Marketing Material

Navitor is a great place to use when a client is in need of business material of all kinds. They have a wide-range of products that they offer for printing. They really get the business aspect of design and printing. Some of the products that they offer include (but are not limited to):

+ Business Cards

+ Business Stationery

+ Brochures

+ Folders

+ Posters

+ Postcards

+ Labels

+ Badges

+ Magnets

+ Rack Cards

+ Booklets

Navitor has a variety of different paper stocks to choose from and ink processes that can enhance your project items.

DIGITAL LIZARD - Las Vegas, Nevada - Printing Services

Digital Lizard is a local printing service that allows for quick turnaround printing that we are able to pick up for our client and deliver to our client. They have many products to print on such as:

+ Rack Cards

+ Bookmarks

+ Hang Tags

+ Door Hangers

+ Custom Cups

+ Post Cards

+ Brochures

+ Booklets

+ Folded Cards

+ Magnets

+ Stickers

+ Pocket Folders

+ Magnetic Products

They have a variety of paper stocks to choose from and the print quality is very nice. I have personally used them for my many print jobs and they were perfect!

+Chelsey Ruckdaschel