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Why You Should Make a Vision Board for the New Year for Your Home, Small Business, or Both

Have you ever made a vision board for your home or business for the New Year? They’re so much fun and so powerful for focusing your efforts, energy, and intentions for a brand new year ahead.

Making a vision board for either home or business or both will help keep your new year in check and on point. When you’re intentional and focus your efforts on something, you will attract or get what you focus on. How many times do we fill ourselves with the negative and then experience more of it. And how many times to we focus on the positive and gratitude and feel better and more inspired?

Whether you follow the law of attraction or not, vision boards are great for visual learners and help you revisit your goals so you’re more apt to achieve them.

You can make vision boards for your spiritual life or mindset—a board that elicits feelings you want to experience or a mindset you want to take on in the New Year. It could feature inspirational quotes or aspects of your faith or spirituality you want to grow in.

You can also make one for your home—a board that speaks to the kind of home you want to buy or keep. Maybe you want to be tidier and more minimal in the New Year. Maybe you want to start a garden or move. Add those things to your vision board so you can see what you’re aiming for.

Small business vision boards can also be really powerful, helping you focus your thoughts on the success you want to achieve in your business. You can cut out pictures of websites you love or words that speak to what you’re trying to achieve in your business.

If you’re a visual person and struggle setting goals for your small business, this can help you actually do it. Browse the Insta feeds of your mentors, peruse Pinterest for blog posts and resources you need and grab words or images from there. Once you have your board, it might be easier for you to then make a list of what you want to accomplish in the new year.

I challenge you to make a New Year vision board this year, have fun with it, and see what it takes you.

Let me know in the comments on in an email what your goals are this year.

xoxo Chelsey