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Modern Flat Note Cards or Traditional Folded Note Cards Personalized For You or Your Business—Which Is Better?

As a designer and lover of all things stationery, I have to say….if anything needs to make a comeback these days, it’s personalized cards, whether they’re blank flat note cards or embossed folded note cards.

I just want to see stationary and snail mail come back because there is something so intentional and refreshing about sending someone a personal note.

Let’s briefly talk about which is best depending on your purposes.

Which Personalized Note Cards to Get?

Personalized flat note cards with envelopes are more modern. They’re used for a quick note or a short message to say thanks or let someone know you’re thinking about them. Custom folded note cards with envelopes are typically more formal and can be used for the same purposes, however, they’re also appropriate for instances when you want to add a touch of formality. 

Before you order, think about the reasons you’ll be sending a note. Will you have personalized family cards designed and then use them to send to your family members and friends for birthdays? Do you run a creative business and you’ll use them to send to clients as a thank you? 

If you’ll be using your cards for more formal occasions (such as for birthday), folded cards can be great. If you love sending a quick encouraging note when you’re thinking about a friend, flat note cards can be great for that.

Or if you run an Air BnB or host friends from out of state a lot, personalized flat note cards tucked in a welcome basket or laid on the night stand in a guest bedroom can be a super sweet and simple way to welcome people to your space and city.

Really, I think it’s great to have a big stash of personalized cards. You can have one with your last name and send that out for fun occasions. You can also have a blank “grateful” card personalized for your business. The more we have stationary on hand, the more we’re apt to use it and really share an element of care, charm, and warmth with the people in our lives.

I would LOVE to help you design a modern flat note card or a folded note card  to fill your life and those around you with extra cheer and awe. They’re just the best and we an get them designed, printed, and shipped to you in no time “flat” (LOL). 

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.