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Color Palette Spotlight: What You Should Know About Red Shades Before You Use Them for Your Wedding, Business, or Brand

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the color red is?

We have all kinds of sayings that use the word red to represent emotions or invoke a feeling.

“Her cheeks turned red.”

“He saw red.”

“Make every day a red lipstick day.”

“Let’s paint the town red.”

“That’s like a red flag to a bull.”

“She was caught red-handed.”

“We have to cut through the red tape.”

“That’s red hot!”

Notice how, even at the use of the word red, every one of those statements evoked some sort of emotion? Before you use red for your wedding, business, branding, or any other design, let’s look at red’s color psychology and the emotions it symbolizes.

What You Need to Know About the Color Psychology of Red

Probably the most prominent emotions associated with red are love and romance or anger. But, red symbolizes many more emotions both positive and negative.

Red evokes passion, warmth, excitement, and strength.

It represents survival, courage, and success.

Red can evoke feelings of aggression, danger, or activity.

In ancient Egypt, red was associated with victory and life.

However red is used, it’s a very dynamic and strong color.

Take a look at these red shades for a visual of some of the most popular shades of red to use in everyday life, whether for your business or your wedding.

Depending on the shade, you can add a sense of warmth or vibrancy. You can turn things up with bright shades or tone them down with darker and softer shades.

Using the Color Red in Branding

A few brands that use red include:

  • Kellogg’s
  • KFC
  • YouTube
  • Nestle
  • Vogue
  • BBC News
  • Ray Ban
  • ABC’s The Bachelor

Red can be used in a logo or as a primary or accent color in your branding. A gym or personal trainer may use red in their branding to represent a sense of activity or strength. A relationship coach might use red in her branding to evoke a feeling of passion, romance, or love and affection.

A virtual assistant might use red as one of his or her branding colors to evoke a sense of determination, organization, success, or order.

There are many ways to use color - especially red shades - in your business or branding to reinforce the visual message you want to portray.

Red Wedding Colors: Color Pairings for a Red Wedding

Brides who use red in their weddings tend to really love how classic and timeless it looks. They also tend to love how well it pairs with metallic accent colors such as silver or gold.

I’ve designed many wedding invitations that make use of the color red, whether it’s poppy red, crimson, scarlet, burgundy, merlot, mulberry, or watermelon.

Some of the most stunning bridesmaid dresses and wedding invitations I’ve seen fall within the red shades family.

And, of course, since red is the color for passion, love, and romance, it’s perfect for a wedding.

I’d love to help you use red in your life!

If you love red and would love to use it in your business branding or for a wedding invitation, baby shower invite, or party invites, reach out to me via the contact page.