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Sip and See Baby Shower Invitations for Boys and Girls

First-time mamas have a TON of decisions to make. First of all, there’s trying to determine what you actually need and don’t need, and then you have to figure out “which one” of what you do need you should get, and those are just the decisions related to the baby items.

As a first-time mama, you’ll most likely have a baby shower, but will you find out the gender of the baby or wait and register for all gender neutral items? Soooo many decisions.

Seasoned mamas sometimes feel silly having another baby shower or feel like they now have enough stuff, but there’s still that pull to get together with friends and family to celebrate baby #2, #3, #4, or beyond just as much.

What’s fabulous about throwing a sip and see or love and look baby shower is that, if you’re waiting to find out the gender of your baby, you can wait and shower the baby afterwards. If you’re a seasoned mama, you still get to celebrate by having loved ones over for drinks or brunch and you get to show off your new baby. Win, win.

A sip and see shower is such a unique way to celebrate baby and, because it typically happens around a month after baby is born, it often cuts down on drop-ins and gives mama and family time to recoup.

Here are a few samples of some sip and see baby invitations I’ve designed:

You can even take your sip and see baby shower one step further by creating matching food identifying signs, a matching menu, or some cute baby word art printables in frames.

Isn’t this just an adorable and trendy idea?

If you’re looking for sip and see invitations, reach out to me by emailing I’d love to provide you with a quote for a personalized design.