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Skyline Wedding Invitation

If you’re a city gal or even a country girl whose heart pitter patters at the sight of a skyline view of tall buildings and jutting architecture, you’re going to love the skyline wedding theme and skyline wedding invitation design possibilities.

For some, the sea calms their soul. For others, it’s the mountains or the open plains. But, for a few—it’s the bustling energy of the city and a startling view of far-off skyscrapers that are packed full of life.

And, it’s those who love the urban edge and trendiness of this contemporary wedding invitation.

Whether you’re looking for New York skyline wedding invitations, Chicago Skyline wedding invitations, Las Vegas skyline wedding invitations, or Hong Kong skyline invitations, you can personalize these wedding invitations to suit your heart’s desire.

Maybe you met in a foreign city or fell in love while you were going to college in a hopping metropolis. From Boston skyline wedding invitations to London skyline wedding invitations, if there’s a city that’s near and dear to your heart, you can have that skyline designed on your wedding invitation.

For this skyline wedding invitation, I incorporated a vibrant and contemporary skyline with an artistic feel. You can really incorporate your style and personality into this particular wedding invitation. You can keep it simple or make it bold and colorful like I did below.

Whether you use black and white, silver or gold, or a multi-color design you can match these invitations to a vintage, chic, elegant or modern wedding style. The sky really is the limit.

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