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Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) Invitation Samples For Your Thanksgiving Get Together

I love the quote that says, “There is always something to be thankful for,” because the truth is—if you look hard enough, there’s always a glimmer of gratitude to be found even in the bad.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it’s a time when we pause to reflect on what life has given us and so many times we realize it’s the people around us that we’re the most thankful for.

For me, my friends and family are everything. And I bet yours are, too. Isn’t that why we want to be surrounded by them?

If you’re planning on hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving), then I have some adorable thanksgiving invitations that you can send to guests. These can be personalized or I can customize something completely unique to you.

Take a look:

If you have a list of people to invite, rather than send an email or text message, consider sending a sweet invite with some lovely sentiment on it this year. I’d love to help you design one—you can get in touch with me by reaching out via my contact page.



Your Thanksgiving Feast Will Stand Out and Warmly Welcome Guests with a Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation, Menu, or Greeting Card

This year has flown by and it’s hard to believe that next month is already November. November means one thing—THANKSGIVING!

If you’d like to order special Thanksgiving cards or custom dinner invitations, now is the time to order, so they arrive on time and ready to send or use.

Perhaps, you’ve never thought of sending a dinner invitation for this holiday, because printed dinner invitations seem so formal or maybe you’ve never sent a thanksgiving card.

First of all, grandparents, parents, besties—everyone—loves getting thanksgiving cards in the mail. November is a month when we pause and remember how grateful we are. Facebook is flooded with daily posts of gratefulness from the beginning of the month all the way until Thanksgiving day.

People are stopping to smell the crisp air, take in the leaves, and sip pumpkin spice lattes slow.

It’s the perfect time to send a Thanksgiving greeting card filled with gratitude and well wishes.

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast, sending out printed invitations and/or having a printed dinner menu for each guest adds a hospitable touch and takes guests back to the old, charming and chivalrous way of doing things.

They add style and class—two elements that are just as important for a Thanksgiving celebration as they are at any other event.

Check out this Thanksgiving dinner invitations to get a glimpse of how you can elevate how you celebrate the holiday.

My professional, personalized holiday card design starts at just $34 plus tax and shipping. This price is for 50 single or double-sided 5x7 cards on standard white stock with white envelopes. For a custom quote to your specifications, please contact me.

I’d love to help you design your dinner party invitations or create personal, thoughtful Thanksgiving greetings for your loved ones. Let’s remember cards for all the holidays this year!

Reach out to me by emailing to talk to me about card design.