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All You Could Possibly Need to Know About Custom Envelope Liners and How to Order Custom Liners for All of Your Invitations

For the longest time, many people didn’t know that the options for customized envelope liners were pretty much unlimited.

Rose gold envelope liners, glitter gold metallic envelope liners, and colored envelope liners are incredibly popular, but did you know you can have any imaginable envelope liner you can dream up?

You can print a monogram or a special quote or verse on a custom envelope liner. You can have floral envelope liners or patterned envelope liners.

There are polka dot envelope liners and scripted envelope liners. You name it - you can do it.

The wonderful thing is that while we’re becoming more and more accustomed to seeing envelope liners for wedding invitations, they’re such a fun way to add some flair to birthday party invitations, baby shower invitations, anniversary invitations, retirement party invitations, and any other special event you’re planning.

Even thank you cards, the sweet letters you send to your grandma, or the updates you send to your loved one in the military can be brightened up with a custom touch and surprise pop of cheer.

If you have an upcoming event and you’d like to have me add a pop of color, design, or cheer to the inside of some envelopes, reach out to me via the contact page.

Even if you just want to have some fun envelopes on hand for your use, I’d love to help you create a custom look. I can design them, create them, and have them shipped to you in a very short time frame. Reach out to me via the contact page.