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7 Simple Add-ons that Enhance Your Wedding Invitations

There’s a wedding invitation style for every personality. From elegant to rustic to boho to minimalist, you can find customizable templates or have a designer create a couture wedding invitation to suit your needs.

A great way to enhance—or embellish—your wedding invitations so they stand out is to add some simple yet effective wedding invitation add-ons that create a finished look.


Here are 7 easy ways to make your wedding invitations your own:

1. Colored Layers

Add depth and dimension to your wedding invitations by adding some additional colored layers. This is an excellent way to create a really finished look.

 2. Envelope Liners

Envelope liners really accentuate your invitations and add a surprise touch for your guests. They’re such a simple way to add character and class to create the perfect wedding envelope. You can have floral envelope liners, glitter envelope liners, pattern envelope liners, and colored envelope liners—really there are unlimited options.

 3. Bling

You can add pearl or diamond stickers (or rhinestones) to accent aspects of your wedding invitations. You can even add tiny bows or ribbon. Anything you can think of to add some wedding invitation bling, can pretty much be done to add some jazz to your invites.

 4. Pockets

Pocket wedding invitations keep your invitation elements super organized. You can tuck your rsvp cards, receptions cards, and additional paper items in the pocket. They’re an add-on that adds a modern and formal touch whether you have really fancy pocket invitations or a more minimalistic design. Pocket invitations come in many different sizes and styles, so be sure to ask to see some samples!

 5. Pattern Paper

You can get super fresh, fun, and eclectic with pattern wedding invitations. If you’re having custom wedding invitations made, you can really go with any pattern your heart desires. By adding a pattern, you can create a unique invitation; it’s a simple way to make sure your invites don’t look like everyone else’s.

 6. Foam Adhesive

By using foam adhesive you can create a fun, pop-up wedding invitation look. These 3D-like invitations are not your run-of-the-mill designs and add texture and dimension that can enhance even the simplest designs.

 7. Belly bands

Belly bands for invitations just seal the deal. They’re like adding the perfect belt or statement necklace to your outfit. Belly bands come in all sorts of intricate designs—from glitter to monogram, there are so many ways you can finish off your invitation style with a belly band.

Pick one or more of these simple wedding invitation add-ons and take your invitations up a notch.

If you’re looking for wedding invitation designs, reach out to me by emailing to find out how I can help.