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An exciting new partnership!!

Back in the day…

I can remember as a little girl being excited for when I would get married. I wasn’t so worried about the man I would be marrying, but the wedding itself. I mean come on I was like 5 or 6 years old, boys weren’t on my radar. But a pretty wedding was! I remember that I was able to be a model flower girl in a mock wedding fashion show at the Fashion Show Mall here on the Las Vegas Strip. Talk about dream come true! I got to hold hands with a beautiful woman in an amazing wedding dress.

From then on, I would always think about what my wedding would look like. Granted those ideas changed as I got older and my style changed. But, like most girls, I thought about that big day and what it would be like. Fast forward and I got to have my fairy tale wedding! It was very much the princess wedding and I loved everything about it. From planning it through The Knot up until the last minute before walking down the aisle.

Wondering where I’m going with all of this? Well, I just gave you a hint. The Knot! THE wedding website for years and years. The place where the newly engaged can start planning their wedding with all kinds of resources at their fingertips.

Drum roll please…

I can excitedly say that I am a vendor on The Knot! I will have my storefront going live within the next week or so. As a new business owner back in 2016, I wanted to get into the wedding industry and go all out. I wanted to become a vendor on The Knot, but it wasn’t feasible for me to do so on the budget I was working with. But things have changed and now I am about to join in on the fun and become a vendor for invitations and paper goods.


So keep an eye out of the official announcement that my storefront is officially live and open for appointments. Can I ask a favor? Can you spread the word to all of your friends and family who are newly engaged OR know someone starting their wedding planning journey. Always greatly appreciated!