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10 Wedding Invitation & Planning Tips Every Bride-to-be Must Know

From wedding invitations to wedding table assignments to wedding thank you cards, the more organized you are with every aspect of your wedding, the better. Use these tips and tricks to help you war off stress and keep Bridezilla at bay as you prepare for your wedding day.

1. Number the back of your RSVP cards

Number the back of your RSVP cards and have each number correspond to a name on your guest list. This way, if someone sends an RSVP card back blank or with missing information, you know whose it is. This quick and easy tip will help you keep your guest list organized.

2. Order wedding invitations 3-8 months before your wedding

When do you order wedding invitations? And, when do you send out save the dates? And, gosh, when do you send out wedding invitations? There are soooo many questions involved when planning a wedding.

You should order your wedding invitations 3-8 months before your wedding to allow enough time to receive them, get them ready, and mail them out. Leave yourself a little extra time for any mishaps with ordering or shipping, so you’re not scrambling last minute. No bride-to-be wants that kind of stress. Send your save the dates out 6-8 months before your wedding to give guests enough time to mark their calendars, and send your wedding invitations out 4-8 weeks before your wedding day.

3. Order extra wedding invitations

You should definitely order extra wedding invitations, but exactly how many extra wedding invitations should your order? A good rule of thumb is to take the number of your guest list per family or couple + 20 extra invitations. So, if your guest list includes 300 families/couples, you should order 320 wedding invitations. This will help you avoid excess expense, but leave you extra in case you make a mistake or forget about a few people until the last minute.

4. Weigh your invitations at the post office

Bring an invitation to the post office and have it weighed prior to stamping them and sending them out. Many invitations will require extra postage and this is one piece of mail you don’t want returned to sender.

5. Weigh Your RSVP Cards

Many people forget to have their RSVP cards weighed, but you don’t want to overpay or underpay for these little babies either. Take a reply card and the envelope to the post office and have it weighed to be sure that

6. Square wedding invitations require extra postage

It’s important that you know from the get-go that square wedding invitations require extra postage. You may be wondering why? Square envelopes cannot be run through the automated postal machines; therefore, they require special handling. That special handling costs.

7. Ask your post office about hand canceling

Hand canceling means that your wedding invitations will be processed by hand as opposed to run through the postage machines. As wedding invitations are thicker, they might be damaged by the postal machines, which makes the option of hand canceling appealing to many brides-to-be. Each post office handles hand canceling differently. Some post office locations don’t offer it, some do, some will quote you a price, some will say it’s complimentary, some will even let you hand cancel them yourself at a nearby counter to save money. Ask around—you might be able to hand cancel your wedding invitations for free.

8. Color coordinate your table assignments

Use colored sticky notes to color coordinate your wedding table assignments. This will allow you to very quickly see who is sitting next to whom and to move them around easily, if necessary.

9. Have guests address their thank you card envelope

Set up a cute little station at the gift table or near it, and ask guests to write their address on their thank you card envelope to make it easier on you when sending out thank you cards. Make a fun little sign with cute wording that says something along the lines of how one extra little gift of writing out their address will help lighten the load for the new bride and groom. If you make this request tastefully and add some charm to it, your guests likely won’t find it off-putting.

10. Pack early for your honeymoon

Even if you have one to two days between your wedding and honeymoon, pack early. Packing early and getting everything in order will ensure you can spend more time with family and friends while they’re in town. Plus, it’ll ensure you don’t forget to pack something in the chaos of your big day. If you aren’t leaving until a day or two later, you can also get a jump start on wedding thank you cards.


There you have it—hopefully these tips have gotten you one step closer to planning the wedding of your dreams.

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