New Year, New Process—What’s it like to work with me as your graphic designer?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a graphic designer or HOW to work with a graphic designer, you’ll get a little glimpse of that here.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty or all the details, but I am going to unveil a little bit of what you can expect as I detail what my own new process looks like for 2019. This is great insight for all of my past clients, so they know what to expect going forward and also great insight for anyone who wonders what they can expect when hiring a freelance designer.

So, here are the things I want to touch on in my updated process:

  • Contracts

  • Deposit Payments

  • Proofing

  • Testimonials

  • Referral Program


For 2019, I will require signed contracts for ALL projects for both new and continuing clients. For every project, I will need to have a contract signed and if there are multiple deliverables in a project, I will bundle them into one contract. This is to keep me organized and to keep projects going really smoothly. It actually protects my interests and my clients’ interests.

Deposit Payments

Most designers, including myself, require a deposit before they begin work. For design work, I typically work with my clients on the deposit amount and payment schedule based on the scope of the project.

For projects that require printed materials, such as wedding invitations or business cards, where I need to order the materials and have them printed, I will require a 50% deposit upfront.


Once I design your project, I send it to you to proof. You then get back to me with changes and we work back and forth until you have a final design.

Going forward, once a proof has been finalized, you will need to sign off on it. This will be after the back and forth with changes. The pdf of your final proof will have a place to type your name on the pdf. You’ll type it, save the pdf, and send it to my email. I then save this email and final proof as confirmation that you’re happy with your design and we’re all finished and ready for print or to send them to you via email.


After we’ve completed your project, I’ll send you an email requesting feedback and a testimonial about our work together. I would really appreciate feedback as this helps me make my process better and also helps others make a decision about working with me.

If we’ve worked together multiple times, one testimonial is all I’ll kindly request.

Referral Program

I’m so excited to have a referral program and incentivize you for telling others about me.

Whether you refer a business client or an individual client, your  referral will get a 20% off discount from me and, if your referral orders from me, you’ll also get 20% off your next order. To get the discount, all your referral has to do is mention your name and that he or she was referred by you for a referral discount.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, if you’d like to chat about an upcoming project you need a designer for, I’d love to learn more.

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.



New Year, New Color—What’s the Pantone Color of 2019?

I’m going to totally geek out here, but, as a designer, while everyone else is wondering what the new year holds and is getting super excited about what’s in store for their business, I’m over here on the edge of my seat wondering: what’s the Pantone color of the year going to be?

Not that I don’t get all excited about what’s to come in the new year and my business plans, but I just CAN'T wait to find out what the Pantone Color Institute picked for the new year color.

So, without further ado, here is what the color of the year is for 2019 (drumroll, please).....

…’s Living Coral!


I’m going to quote direct from Pantone’s description of this color, because it’s absolutely perfect and I don’t know how I (or anyone) could describe it more accurately.

Living coral is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

Beautiful color AND beautiful description, right?

The Pantone color code for this color is: PANTONE 16-1546.

I’m already thinking of all the ways this can be used this year and beyond. The great thing about the color living coral is that it’s timeless. It’s beautiful, fresh and feminine and would truly make a remarkable branding color for a number of creative businesses, whether in the writing, coaching, wellness, or spiritual industries.

Not only that, but it’d make a really great and modern color for wedding invitations, baby shower invites, and more.

If you’d love to use the Pantone Living Coral in your business branding or for personal or wedding invitations, reach out to me. I’d love to help you incorporate it into your design.

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.



Order Super Trendy and Chic Valentines Day Cards for Adults, Kids, and Coworkers

Whew—we’re coming out of the holiday season and right into the next big commercial holiday that—if Pinterest has it’s way—will fill us with all sorts of should-do-this or should-do-that guilt around creating the ultimate Valentine’s Day cards for our kiddos (or coworkers).

Pinterest is full of tons of DIY Valentine's day craft, treat, and card ideas. From M&M butterfly treats to juice box and Starburst robots to “you rock” Pop Rocks bags, there are ideas that’ll occupy HOURS.

As a busy mom and business owner myself, I know that sometimes and some years, you just need a super streamlined way to get Valentine’s cards off of your to-do list while still having cute and custom cards to send out that look like you spent hours designing them.

You Can Order Cute and Custom Cards and Invitations

Just Like This In Time for Valentine’s Day

Even If You’ve Procrastinated Until the Last Minute

Here are a couple of examples of the cute and custom Valentine’s Day cards and invitations I can design for your kiddos, coworkers, or besties.

In just a few hours, I can design them, send them to you for sign-off, and get them printed and to your doorstep ready to pass out.

The only effort on your part? Clicking the contact link below and shooting me a message. We’ll spend a quick minute chatting about what you might want or want to say and then I’ll put my design hat on and get to work.

This year—take a deep breath and outsource making Valentine’s Day cards to someone else, so you’re not rushing from one holiday to the next trying to do #allthethings. You deserve this break. Heck, count it as your monthly self-care item, if you need to.

To get a quote and order custom Valentine’s Day cards and invitations for kids, coworkers, and other loved ones, reach out to me via the contact page.