A New Outlook: Feed Your Soul

After the previous post about Feed Your Soul Travel, Stacy decided to rework the brand a bit. Instead of doing two different brands, she decided to do one and have it be an umbrella brand. This means that she would have a main brand and then other brands that fell under the main one.

For example, her main brand is now Feed Your Soul. Then the other brands she decides on will fall under Feed Your Soul. For now, she will have Feed Your Soul Travel under her main brand with room to grow and add more experiences!

Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul is an up-and-coming business that is all about showcasing the talent of Stacy Horn, the face of the brand.

Her talent is in the kitchen and she is an amazing chef and teacher! Feed Your Soul will offer cooking classes or parties in your own home, private cooking instruction as well as personal chef cooking.

So much more will be offered, but I’m keeping those under wrap! Shh! It’s a secret…for now.

Stage Two of the Brand Building Process

Since the logo design is staying the same for the most part we can move on to the next stage.

Stage Two of my design process includes the business card design. By looking back at our textures, elements, etc that were developed for the brand, we can see that Stacy’s brand elements are white space and icons.

So, in the design of the business card I made sure to use both white space to showcase a simple and professional design and the icons for the contact information to pair with the main icons.


After getting the front design squared away by placing the logo in the center, I move on to the back side of the business card.

On the back, I made sure to place the icons on the top and then the tagline of what each icon means under it. This rounds out the brand and keeps clients on point with knowing a bit about what the brand means.

Next, I placed in the contact information with the icons. Keeping the color palette neutral for this part allows the color on the stop to standout.


Next Steps!

Now that the business card has been designed, approved and sent to the printer, we can now get to brainstorming and designing the website!

The next post will be detailing the launch of her website!

If you’re starting a business and are looking for a graphic designer to hire to develop your entire brand, I’d love to help you with the branding and design.

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.



New Year, New Process—What’s it like to work with me as your graphic designer?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a graphic designer or HOW to work with a graphic designer, you’ll get a little glimpse of that here.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty or all the details, but I am going to unveil a little bit of what you can expect as I detail what my own new process looks like for 2019. This is great insight for all of my past clients, so they know what to expect going forward and also great insight for anyone who wonders what they can expect when hiring a freelance designer.

So, here are the things I want to touch on in my updated process:

  • Contracts

  • Deposit Payments

  • Proofing

  • Testimonials

  • Referral Program


For 2019, I will require signed contracts for ALL projects for both new and continuing clients. For every project, I will need to have a contract signed and if there are multiple deliverables in a project, I will bundle them into one contract. This is to keep me organized and to keep projects going really smoothly. It actually protects my interests and my clients’ interests.

Deposit Payments

Most designers, including myself, require a deposit before they begin work. For design work, I typically work with my clients on the deposit amount and payment schedule based on the scope of the project.

For projects that require printed materials, such as wedding invitations or business cards, where I need to order the materials and have them printed, I will require a 50% deposit upfront.


Once I design your project, I send it to you to proof. You then get back to me with changes and we work back and forth until you have a final design.

Going forward, once a proof has been finalized, you will need to sign off on it. This will be after the back and forth with changes. The pdf of your final proof will have a place to type your name on the pdf. You’ll type it, save the pdf, and send it to my email. I then save this email and final proof as confirmation that you’re happy with your design and we’re all finished and ready for print or to send them to you via email.


After we’ve completed your project, I’ll send you an email requesting feedback and a testimonial about our work together. I would really appreciate feedback as this helps me make my process better and also helps others make a decision about working with me.

If we’ve worked together multiple times, one testimonial is all I’ll kindly request.

Referral Program

I’m so excited to have a referral program and incentivize you for telling others about me.

Whether you refer a business client or an individual client, your  referral will get a 20% off discount from me and, if your referral orders from me, you’ll also get 20% off your next order. To get the discount, all your referral has to do is mention your name and that he or she was referred by you for a referral discount.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, if you’d like to chat about an upcoming project you need a designer for, I’d love to learn more.

Reach out to me via the contact page to chat further.