Client Overview

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School is a local school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year they have a fundraising event called Crusader Knight and this event raises money for their Scholarship Endowment. Each year has a different theme but their brand stays the same with their school colors throughout the event.



Each logo designed for this event is designed with the school colors: Maroon and Gold. Each year the event has a different theme or look that they want to have the design reflect. The above identities show the various designs that were done for the last three years.


Each year an invitation was sent out with all of the pertinent information needed. Each invitation suite came with an RSVP card that was needed to be sent in. Each invitation was designed with the theme in mind.


A program was also at the event each year. The program outlined the night's evening along with information about the Scholarship Endowment and its founders. Each year, a speaker would be asked to be the night's entertainment and there would be a spread about that person. Advertisements were also included in the program at the end.