Client Overview

Hainsworth Consulting Company is based out of Sydney, Australia. The founder and owner, Alexandra Hainsworth, came to me wanting a logo design but she only knew that she wanted it to be professional looking but to have a bit of personality.



Since Alexandra didn't know which direction she wanted to go in for design, I gave her some ideas that I had played around with. She had told me that she wanted the colors to be grey and yellow and that is why her comps had those colors present. In the end she chose the Sydney skyline logo comp and I paired it with a thin sans serif typeface called Champagne and Limousines.


These logo comps show the different designs that I had sent to Alexandra for her review. She chose two from these comps and I placed them side by side with the colors she mentioned. She then chose to go with the skyline logo mark.


This logo mockup is one of many that can be done to showcase a logo mark. This is a cutout mockup.