Client Overview

NRDP stands for Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy. They were in need of a logo for their chapter. They needed a logo that had an icon as well as the colors black, red and white. They wanted the overall look to be very professional.



The final look of the identity is a stacked logo with an icon. The icon gives off a sense of debate. The way that the colors are placed look like two sides going back and forth -- hence those who are for and opposed to drug policy. The typeface is a sans serif called Avenir that still gives a professional yet modern look.


Many different comps went to the client for review for this one. The design direction was open-ended, so I gave many different options and directions for the client to choose from.


The client had asked for a logo with the possibility of having a business card design as well. I wanted to show the client what their business card design could look like.