Client Overview

Ravello created a completely different and new concept that they needed an identity and brand to go along with it. I helped them design two different logos. One side of their restaurant was fine dining and the other side was a bar and grill.



The concept for both of these logos were on different ends of the spectrum. One was for the bar and grill and the other for the fine dining side. The bar and grill has a more laid vibe so having the logo in a circle like design and on a slant gives it a fun and casual look. The fine dining side the identity is clean and simple. The mission icon inline with Ravello flows with ease.


business collateral

Their business card featured the bar and grill logo but by adding the tagline below it, it has blended the two identities. The back includes the titles and contact information.



Many different marketing materials were designed for Ravello. The above promotional flyer was one of them. I also designed menus for both sides as well as social media graphics.